I saw the Pope!

DilexitPrior saw my post about arriving in Rome and sent a comment asking for asked me to say a prayer for her. I promised to go straight over the St Peter's Square and do so, also including in my intention all my Catholic blogging friend.

When I got to the Piazza, I could see that people were still going through security into the Basilica so I thought I would go in and say the prayers for the indulgence. When I got to the door, it was apparent that there was a major function on. The Vatican Policeman on the door told me to go in as the Pope would be walking past in a minute. Sure enough, after a few minutes, in came our beloved Holy Father and I now have on my camera a reasonably close photo and a couple of short video clips for YouTube when I get back. So, DilexitPrior, thanks very much indeed for asking me to say a prayer!

The occasion was the annual "Academic Mass" which is near the beginning of the academic year. The Mass had finished and the Pope was coming in to give a short discourse on the importance of theological study. We then all got his blessing and sang the Salve Regina.

I picked up one of the booklets printed for the Mass. In view of the rumours about the Classical Rite, it was striking to see that the introit was Introibo ad altare Dei with Psalm 42.

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