Rome awash with Southwark priests

Last week was the English "half term", a week long holiday in the middle of the school term. Priests often take some time off as there are no Governors' meetings or school duties. This certainly seemed to be true of Southwark clergy last week.

In the sacristy of St Peter's, I met Fr James Clark and both Frs Boyle (Stephen and John - South Ashford Priest) who were out with some altar servers.

At the airport, I met Fr Southwell of the Latin Mass Society who was out on pilgrimage with the Society. In St Peter's Square, I bumped into Fr Martin Edwards so we each posed for a genuine tourist photo. Here he is:

Another time in the colonnade, I met Fr Philip Gilbert and several others (including Bishop Howard Tripp) who were part of the same priestly support group, spending a few days at the Casa del Clero. Fr Gilbert estimated that 6% of the active clergy from the Archdiocese of Southwark were in Rome last week.

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