A safe haven

Cally's Kitchen is written by Malcolm ("the dúnadan"), a blogger who is in the parish to which Fr Nicholas Schofield has recently moved. As well as saying some kind things about my blog, he has a link to the wonderfully titled Recusant Cricket Club. In case you are wondering what such a club might be, here is their "Vision Statement" (no, they don't call it that.)
The Recusant Cricket Club is a safe haven from an increasingly ugly world: a world actively rooting out all that holds it together, a world plagued by secularism, liberalism and association football.

The Club is for those who reject what Leo XIII called “that widespread and powerful organisation, who, usurping the name of liberty, style themselves liberals.”

This is a forum for people who find themselves shouting at the TV, people who cannot listen to Radio 4 without running down pedestrians. This is a forum for people who believe in having more children than surnames. This is a place for people who believe that how it has always been done and how it ought to be done are usually the same thing.

This is a place for the modern recusant to be heard.
I think I ought to join.

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