Views from Ampleforth

Now back from Ampleforth after a relatively traffic-free journey with two othe bloggers, Mulier Fortis and Bashing Secularism, I have selected and edited a few photos to share with you. First of all some shots from Ampleforth Abbey itself. Above you can see the Abbey Church with a sculpture of St Benedict in front. Below is the view over the southern edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Most of us were accommodated in the Grange, a comfortable guest house with a meeting room that was just the right size for the assembled company.

I was unsure of the subject of this sculpture until I saw it from this angle and realised that it is a modern interpretation of the Pieta. Not my cup of tea but I suppose it is easy to be negative. Can anyone explain it to me?
Update: I was wrong - the sculpture depicts the Good Samaritan (himself an image of Christ) bearing the wounded man in his arms. See the very helpful comment on this post from Ben Whitworth, author of "The Sculpture of Leon Underwood."

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