Eye letters on Catholic adoption

On the letters page of Private Eye No. 1178, Paul Webster referred sarcastically to a previous writer's "gallant and Christian acceptance of my sexuality." He went on to say,
"May I now assume that all I need to do is become celibate, then I can marry my partner of 10 years in a church and adopt some of those spare children that you heterosexuals don't seem to want?

No, thought not.

What a waste of ink."
Issue 1179 which arrived on the mat this morning, carries a reply from Peter Heaney of Northamptonshire. He writes to reassure Webster that his letter was not a waste of ink. He says:
"I retired recently after serving for many years on a Catholic Adoption agency panel. Applications to adopt were received and accepted from homosexuals as well as heterosexuals. Children were placed irrespective of the applicant's sexual orientation or for that matter, their marital status. Homosexual and single applicants had children placed with them whilst I was a panel member.

I am starting to wonder if the Catholic priest on the panel was keeping secrets from the bishop. If so, he ought to be told!"
Indeed he ought. Obviously, Catholics also need to be told whether Peter Heaney is telling the truth or not. If he is, there needs to be some explaining given that parish priests have just organised collections for the various Catholic Children's Societies at Sunday Mass. Do keep an eye out for any response on this matter.

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