Campion College Sydney invites students from Britain

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Fr John Fleming, the President of Campion College in Sydney, Australia, is coming to London next week, to give a talk about this Catholic College which enrolled its first students last year.

Campion College offers the chance to study a genuinely Catholic Liberal Arts programme to degree level: something currently unavailable in Great Britain. Fr Fleming says:
The uniqueness of the programme lies in the integration of all of its courses. The subjects in philosophy, theology, literature, history and science are all studied so that the influences of each subject on the other is a fundamental part of the program. Thus when a student is learning ancient history, they will read the great literary works of the time, consider the philosophers of the same period and the theology of the Old Testament.
The talk will give information on this opportunity to study in Australia. It will take place at The City of Westminster Archive Centre, 10 St Ann’s Street, London SW1P 2DE on Wednesday 14 February 2007. Refreshments will be served at 4pm, followed by the talk at 4.30pm

Those who are interested can book by contacting:
Father John Fleming
c/o 5/6 St Matthew Street
Tel: 07785 325808

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