If you can't walk on water / Then you better get in the boat

Here's one for Joee Blogs, Andrew and friends for the next Wagamama Bluegrass Liturgy.


H/T Credo ut Intelligam (sic)

This item is posted in the belief that readers will understand it to be intended as an ironic humorous reference to a person or more than one person whose beliefs and behaviour are well-known to be entirely opposed to those suggested. No liability whatsoever can be accepted for non-English readers who assume the content of the post to be serious and thereby suffer heart failure, scandal or depression.

Furthermore and or in the second place, the reference to England is in no way intended to suggest any denigration of the sense of humour of Scots, Welsh or Irish readers, and or to imply that Britain is synonymous with England and or to imply that subjects of any particular non-UK legal jurisdiction my have any difficulty at all in appreciating that the post is not intended to be serious.

Furthermore and or in the third place, the author disclaims all legal liability in civil and or canon law for the use of this item by those who do in fact consider it to be worthy liturgical music and inflict it on any or all of their parishioners, youth groups, retreatants or schools.


[That's enough "Furthermores"

Contrariis quibuslibet minime obstantibus.

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