A new/old Vatican style?

It seems that the Sorgente-inspired "Vatican style" off-white, box-pleat cottas with understated three lines of knotted lacework and matching crosses (see left) may be reaching their sell-by date. When I was a seminarian, they were all the rage: the possession of such an article was a mark of discernment in liturgical apparel, showing the wearer to be a man at the sweet spot of moderate aggiornamento, able to wear white choir on suitable (strictly circumscribed) occasions whilst meshing in perfectly with the acceptable V2 style of the caeremonieri who worked under Virgilio Noe.

Looking at the picture below, from the Pope's recent meeting with the sick, it is clear that Bishops' MCs around the world will need to go a-shopping soon if they are to keep up with the confusing and fast-moving pace of liturgical "reform of the reform" as it gathers momentum in the current decade. They may find that most of the better antique examples of the classical cotta have already been snapped up at bargain prices (or free of charge) by trad clergy who were in when the market was all but dead. I shudder to think what it would cost to get one of these things made up to order. Such is the price of failing to read the signs of the times.

That really is a serious amount of lace. (click to enlarge) Will we see the return of the Roman chasuble for a Papal Mass some day soon, I wonder?

H/T Paparatzifan at Papa Ratzinger Forum (more photos there.)

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