Gummer on preventing discrimination against Catholics

Catholic MP, John Gummer has introduced a 10 minute rule bill: "Catholics (Prevention of Discrimination)." Here is the text of Gummer's speech. (Before you ask, here is a Wikipedia article explaining the term "10 minute rule bill".)

The Bill deals with such matters as the prohibition against the heir to the throne marrying a Catholic, and the law that a Catholic diocese may not be given the same name as an Anglican diocese (Whereas a new Anglican diocese may be given the name of an existing Catholic diocese; for example Southwark and Liverpool)

Gummer made a good point about liberal totalitarianism. His speech concluded:
My Bill would get rid of historical discrimination and guard against the insidious future discrimination that arises from political correctness, which is itself a kind of fascism.
Well amen to that! Unfortunately, in the course of his argument, he expressed support for homosexual adoption (while arguing for toleration of those who oppose it.) In saying so, he told the House "I happen to disagree with my Church." Which does rather bring this image to mind:

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