Day with Mary: photos from Mac

After writing the previous post, I picked up my email which included a message with loads of photos Mac (Mulier Fortis) took with her mobile. She said I could post them so here is a selection. (I cropped and enhanced some of them.) Mac has her own post with some of these and some others too: It Did Exactly What It Said On The Tin!

First of all there is that precarious moment of standing on a stepladder and reaching over the crown the statue.

Then there is a lengthy prayer dedicating the parish to the Immaculate. This is something that I find a real joy to do as parish priest.

Glad to have this one: a photo of myself in my own Church preaching in a biretta

We arranged the altar so that we could say Mass facing Eastward. This is something I will be now be doing once a month (to start with) at our main Sunday Mass. The first is tomorrow.

Did I mention the TAN books?

During the time of exposition, the lights are turned down and the DWM team arrange a spotlight to shine on the monstrance:

Another biretta sighting as I catch up with some office during the various blessing ceremonies at the end of the day.

Finally, our own statue of Mary was not outdone today. Here it is in situ with the new clothing made by Maria in my parish. Normally there would be more candles at this altar but they were taken today to be put on the High Altar. (Memo to self: set of four silver candlesticks and matching crucifix needed for the Lady Altar.)

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