Benedictine hospitality

The journey up to Ampleforth went exactly to plan and we arrived in good time after a pleasant lunch in Thirsk. Most of us are accommodated in the Grange, the purpose-built house for guests. It is comfortable and warm, and the meeting room is ideal for the numbers (there are just under 30 of us at the Conference.)

The information said that it would be possible to arrange facilites for a private Mass in the crypt. I duly went to see the sacristan who arranged to set things up for me between Matins and Lauds so that I can say Mass at 7am each day. I have the chapel dedicated to St George and the English Saints.

The guest information directed me to the "Hospitality Office" which has a computer for the use of guests. I have brought my laptop so I can work on one or two things in my room. Annoyingly, I forgot to bring one of those memory stick pen-drive thingies so I'll have to pick on up this morning. That way, I can edit some photos, prepare a couple of posts and then just upload them here.

The weather was miserable and grey yesterday but today there is bright sunshine and some cloud so I am hoping for some good photographs.

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