Where I will be tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I will be saying Mass at 7am (Classical Rite) before driving up to Ampleforth Abbey on the North Yorkshire moors for the annual Theological Symposium of the Faith Movement. This is a gathering of priests and lay people who can discuss theology at graduate level.

The programme of lectures looks very interesting. I am particularly looking forward to Fr Hugh MacKenzie on "Why do we need a new Catholic Realism" and Edmund Nash on evolution and intelligent design. Fr Dylan James who has recently finished his doctorate in Rome will also be there to speak about the definition of the human person in bioethics.

Although the lectures are quite challenging, this is a genuine holiday for me. No phone or doorbell to answer, the opportunity to chat at length about theology and the quiet of the monastic cloister all make for a refreshing break with a constructive purpose.

I have done some advance lobbying for a computer terminal to blog from but I can't guarantee this so don't hold your breath for posts. I'm taking the big camera, of course, and I should get some good pictures in the clear northern air. Here's an example at sunrise on a previous visit:

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