Pour on petrol - fire burns faster

Life Style Extra reports that Marie Stopes International, a major abortion provider, carried out a (Record Number' Of UK Abortions In January). The figures:
Marie Stopes International (MSI) provided nearly 6,000 abortions to women at its nine UK centres last month - the most in its 32-year history, and 13 per cent more than January last year.
Liz Davies, the "director of UK operations at MSI" ("operations" - killing babies etc.)
said that the clinics always prepared themselves for a rise in January as women realised they had slipped up over the Christmas period, but that they had been surprised by the extent of the rise this year.
("slipped up"?! - "Whoops! Oh dear! Was that me?" I have heard sex described using various euphemisms but this takes the biscuit!)
Davies speculates coyly on the causes - too much alcohol, loss of inhibitions over Christmas, not stocking up on morning after pills etc.

Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's political secretary got it right:
Marie Stopes should stop trying to fool the public by feigning innocence and bewilderment about the rise in abortions. There is overwhelming evidence that easier access to birth control drugs and devices, which Marie Stopes promotes and provides, has failed to contain the rising number of abortions. Marie Stopes also spends significant resources promoting and providing abortion. Unborn children are being killed and vulnerable women are suffering post-abortion trauma as a result of Marie Stopes' work.

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