Bishop Sgreccia on Equality Act

There was a press conference today to present the forthcoming conference on "Conscience in Support of the Right to Life" which will take place on Friday and Saturday this week on the occasion of the 13th General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

The Vatican news service carried the prepared speeches given at the press conference (two in English, two in Italian.) Today's Zenit News has an article entitled British Bill Violates Liberty, Says Bishop with quotations from Bishop Sgreccia, the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in response to a journalist's request for him to comment on the Equality Act. He said:
"I think that conscientious objection is fully justified and I would be surprised if a nation, such as Great Britain, usually considered as the homeland of fundamental liberties, would deny at least on one occasion recognition of this objection,"


"I hope this won't take place, or that, in any case, it will trigger an appeal before the Court of Human Rights, an agency of international justice before which appeals can be presented against a state that violates the rights guaranteed by the convention that safeguards the rights of man."

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