Amnesty to launch another pro-abortion salvo

Tomorrow, Amnesty International UK will be issuing a new report on the "human rights concerns" faced by women and girls in Nicaragua affected by the recent change to the law on abortion.

The 52 page report will be launched at a press conference in Mexico City at 5pm UK time and focusses on the impact of the prohibition of abortion on women whose life is at risk through pregnancy, and survivors of rape and incest.

This is all sadly standard pro-abortion propaganda. If Amnesty are going to branch out into a general policy on abortion, they might do well to consider the impact on the human rights of women and girls who are pressured into abortion, who suffer because of abortion, and indeed, since we are talking of Nicaragua, the manner in which politically correct abortion advocates can end up helping to conceal child abuse. (See: BBC helped to cover up child molester)

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