Ecclesiastical flooring and green biro

At the blognic with Fr Z the other day, we got to talking about the email equivalent of "green biro" letters that we receive from time to time. You know the sort of thing: lined paper torn from a pad, green biro really pressed down into both sides of the paper, and extra bits of vitriol written up the sides of the six page missive. With email, you get large capitals in a "fun" font (O tempora o mores.) These often focus on my utter obsession with lace cottas (go on, look at the archive of posts and you'll see you true that is) and saying Mass "in a tongue not understanded of the people" while turning my back on them. It's amazing just what a baaaad priest you can be without even getting up on the pole-dancing stage at Stringfellows.

Well actually, I happen to think that lace cottas are a good thing for the liturgy so long as the vestments are not purple or black - in which case you must wear a plain cotta or alb. (Feel free to put in your plea for apparelled amices and albs instead.)

The green biro brigade might well have a seizure at this post from NLM on Ornamental Ecclesiastical Floors so let me issue a health warning: if you are disturbed by beautiful things in Church, just don't click that link. For what it's worth, I think that beautiful floors are a good thing. (You can still give money to charity as well.)

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