Abortion leaflet dispute - CURA apologises

Five years ago, four volunteer helpers at the Lettterkenny centre of CURA, the Irish counselling service, were dismissed for "breach of confidentiality." What they did was to write a letter to which was published in the 'Irish Catholic' newspaper, protesting against Cura's policy of making available to women with crisis pregnancies a "Positive Options" leaflet which contained phone contacts of services providing abortions.

The other day, the Irish Independent reported that three volunteers have been reinstated with an apology. The article says that
[...] the Irish Independent learned the reinstatement of the women followed the intervention of the Vatican which ruled that in canon law they had a moral duty to point out the immorality of abortion.
In May 2006, the Independent reported that Bishop Philip Boyce of Raphoe had "brokered a deal" to end the suspension of the women and that CURA had offered to reinstate them (an offer which, according to the paper, was accepted.)

(I am not sure what has happened in the intervening three years, or why the number has gone down from four to three - perhaps someone can enlighten us in the combox - or by email if you prefer.)

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