Cardinal Jean Margéot RIP

A Mauritian parishioner told me today after Mass of the death of Cardinal Jean Margéot, Archbishop of Port-Louis, whose funeral was celebrated today. See the report (in French) at Le Matinal.

Cardinal Margéot was 93 and a highly respected figure in Mauritius. he was ordained in priest in 1938 at the age of 22 and became Bishop of Port-Louis in 1969. He was created Cardinal in 1988. Out of respect for his weighty contribution to development in Mauritius, he was afforded a state funeral and the leaders of both the ruling and opposition parties have spoken of his patriotism, his dignity and elegance in office. The country declared two days of official mourning this weekend, and cancelled the horse racing at the Champ-de-Mars.

In 1960, he called upon Catholic members of Parliament to oppose the legalisation of contraception, he worked hard to ensure free education and the establishment of Catholic Colleges, and he was always close to the poor and the suffering. I understand also that he opposed the building of a mosque at the premier Marian Shrine of Mauritius although I would appreciate further information about the shrine.

Please remember in your prayers both the Cardinal himself and the people of Mauritius whom he clearly love so well, gaining the respect of his country.

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