The Odyssey of Puella

Puella Paschalis has described in detail the trials and tribulations she underwent to get to the mysterious and little-known suburb of Blackfen. The cab driver at Bexleyheath even said he had to consult the A to Z. (For heaven's sake, it's only a couple of miles away!)

Here is the full story in four parts, amusingly told with pictures:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Let me say, without any exaggerated chivalry, that the Puella Paschalis showed no signs to me of having undergone such an arduous journey. After all that, she even turned up with the Mulier Fortis for the 10am Mass on Wednesday making that two mantillas in the front row.

To all my good friends in the Netherlands - God bless! The Puella brought memories of an excellent Boot Camp and the new springtime of the Church in your beautiful country.

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