Quick visit to Oscott

Yesterday evening and this morning I was at St Mary's College, Oscott for a small gathering of old friends, all of us ordained in the summer of 1984. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to concelebrate Mass with Bishop Hendricks (who was ordained the day after me): about 10 minutes before my train was due to depart, Euston Station ground to a halt and I ended up having to take a train two hours later. I was pleased to arrive at Oscott just for the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer so that I could take some part in the Mass at least.

Fr Harry Curtis who teaches at Oscott, organised the gathering, including a super dinner cooked by the College's catering staff, and a time of eucharistic adoration together this morning before saying Lauds together. It was good to catch up with old friends, some of whom I have not seen for ages - Fr Geoffrey Marlor (Salford), Fr Michael Burke (Menevia), Fr John O'Brien (Birmingham) and Fr Frank Marsden (Liverpool). We haven't changed much over the years - in fact we haven't changed as much as we probably should have :-)

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