Key figures on Newman's forthcoming beatification

There is a dedicated website for the cause of the canonisation of Ven John Henry Newman. It is very well implemented with a blend of "static" information an d frequent updates. Today it carries an interesting post Interpreting Newman’s Beatification: reactions from key figures. To select just one, let me quote Fr Jonathan Robinson from the Oratory in Toronto:
Newman’s purity was not only that of a chaste priest, although it was certainly that, but there was in addition a purity of mind and intention that led him to seek for the truth no matter what the cost. ‘The Cross of Christ’, to use the words of one of his Anglican sermons, is the measure of the world’; and this measure, or standard, was one he unflinchingly adopted as his own.
The atmospheric picture above is from Newman's room at the Oratory in Birmingham - part of his collection of his own published works.

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