Problems with being a moderately techno-savvy 49 year old priest

1. The technical gadgets you buy assume that the user is a young person who does not have macular degeneration. Therefore you have to wear reading glasses to see the menus and settings.

2. Young people say that you are “cool” when that is actually the last thing that you want to be. Then they start asking you for technical advice.

3. Older people think you are being profligate and wasting time when in fact the gadgets are quite cheap and save a lot of time. Then they start asking you for technical advice.

4. People of your own age in the Church who are frightened of the internet think that you are doing something highly dangerous and should probably be stopped somehow. Then they start asking you for technical advice.

5. People of any age who are far more techno-savvy than you are constantly encourage you to try new things. You succumb to the temptation, exacerbating problems 1-4 above.

It's my birthday today. I'm 49. No presents or cards expected. You say a prayer for me and I'll say an act of contrition.

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