Feedback on that video

Many thanks for all your kind comments about the video. It seemed to go down well, especially the "Happy Days" bit. Checking it on YouTube just now, it has had 9,904 views which actually just sneaks it onto page 5 of the "most viewed" section.

I feel I should respond publicly to one comment I received privately by email. In the first section, there are a couple of photos of quite unexceptional Novus Ordo Masses where the priest is doing nothing wrong. I can see that I might have caused offence by putting these next to the coffee-table and liturgical dance photos. The idea was only to contrast the appearance of the Novus Ordo Mass with the Classical Rite. I sincerely apologise if I caused any offence by this and volunteer the admission that if I had had a picture of myself celebrating the Novus Ordo, it would have done just as well.

One one forum, there have been a couple of comments saying that the video denigrated Pope John Paul II. To be honest, I am simply baffled by this. I suppose that if someone does not like the liberalisation of the Classical Rite, the video will be rather irksome and people would want to find some criticism of it. Fair enough - but how the blazes does the video denigrates Pope John Paul?!

But for the vast majority, it seems that it was taken in the spirit in which it was made - a piece of harmless fun to celebrate what I consider to be a quite momentous act of the Holy Father. Now I'd better explain why I think that...

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