Annual liturgical lunacy

It's that time of year again - the time for bloggers to post photos and YouTube videos of the Religious Education Congress Liturgy in Los Angeles. I was rather amused by the meticulous removal of the zucchetto just before the dialogue before the Preface. It reminded me of a comment by Fr Guy Nichols once to a priest who boasted that he had celebrated Mass wearing only a stole (no alb etc.) "Why the magic stole?" If you are going to use glass pitchers and a wine glass for the Mass, why on earth bother with a zucchetto?

Note also the crazy applause at the "Great Amen" - are the participants cheering the celebrant for having accomplished the liturgical act?

Well, that's enough, I suppose. Here's a bit of video if you want to watch it. Same nonsense as last year, and the year before that ... Thank God for Pope Benedict!

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