Classic Diogenes

I see that Catholic World News has had a makeover and become Catholic Culture - at least that's what I got from my blog reader today although it does say that it is Version 4 Beta so perhaps only people with blog aggregators get to see it or something.

Anyway, I found my way to my favourite part of this service (now with an updated link on the blogroll) - Off the Record with articles by Diogenes. The other day, there was a classic: Prayer While Shaving.

Apparently an Indian priest has told people that a good way to pray is to gaze at themselves in the mirror for an hour to discover the "god within". This promotes universal solidarity because then you realise that there is no difference between christians and hindus etc. Diogenes comments:
And he has a point, you know. If your prayer consists in staring at yourself, the particulars of your creed don't matter too much. Lex orandi and all that.
Like Diogenes, I too am not yet ready for this form of prayer - for much the same reasons.

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