ICEL text "cheat sheets"

Fr Zuhlsdorf at What Does the Prayer Really Say has posted a "cheat sheet" kindly supplied by a fellow priest. This has the people's responses at Mass according to the new ICEL translation which was recently granted "Recognitio" by the Congregation for Divine Worship. We are not allowed to use these texts yet but have been encouraged to help people to prepare for them. This is a good start.

Read this document on Scribd: PeoplesMassCard-NewTranslation

Here is a sheet for priests. To be honest, I say all of the "xecreto" prayers in Latin when I say Mass in the usus recentior in English. I recommend this practice to brother priests since many of them are also used in the usus antiquior and it is helpful to know them by heart. Nevertheless, those who say them in English will find this sheet helpful.

Three of the texts on this sheet are said out loud: the invitation to the Penitential Act, the invitation to the Lord's Prayer and the Dismissal. The texts given here are the official texts for these parts of the Mass. Since they are currently routinely improvised ex tempore, I cannot see that it would give any scandal to begin using these new ICEL texts straight away - people will probably think this is your latest made-up version.

Read this document on Scribd: MassParts-NewTranslation

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