Speeding through Holland

Schiphol airport at Amsterdam is a major international hub and it was a very long trek from the plane to passport control. The terminal is built around a "plaza" which is in fact Schiphol railway station. At the airport, there was an English sign pointing to "Information about Holland" which reassured me - it is supposed to be very incorrect to talk of the Netherlands as Holland since Holland is only a part of the Netherlands. (Cf. this Wikipedia article which explains everything...)

Update: I have now realised that Schiphol Airport is in fact in Holland. So yes, we should speak of "The Netherlands"

My train takes me via Amersfoort to Groningen. We have just stopped at Hilversum which is a name people of may age remember from old wireless sets. The journey is about two and a half hours through flat and fertile country, much of which is below sea level.

My destination has a Wikipedia article of its own: Warfhuizen. Here it is on the map:

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The connection has now dropped to 2G so I'll get on with my email and probably get back to you with some pictures tomorrow or Friday. Say a prayer for all those on the boot camp and for me that I help them with what I say.

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