Archbishop Ranjith models mutual enrichment

A most interesting post the other day from the New Liturgical Movement: The Assumption in Maria Vesperbild with Archbishop Ranjith. There are pictures there and plenty of text regarding this important celebration.

The thing that caught my eye was the observation that Archbishop Ranjith genuflected both before and after the elevation of the sacred species. Gregor Kollmorgen at NLM kindly linked to my post "Is your alb back to front?" in relation to the inclusion of elements from the older form of the Roman Liturgy when celebrating the newer form.

I would suggest that there is something more going on here. It would be hard to justify the double genuflection according to the rubrics of the newer form of Mass, or even as something "not specified" in those rubrics. However, re-introducing older elements of the liturgy into the newer form is very different from "making it up" as you go along. I hope that there are many more examples from senior ecclesiatical figures allowing us, without scruple, to enrich the newer form of the Mass with elements from the older form.

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