Racist postage stamps

Gerald Warner has drawn attention to the issue of postage stamps featuring the racist eugenicist Marie Stopes (cf. Marie Stopes is forgiven racism and eugenics because she was anti-life)

Warner has the text of a letter from Marie Stopes to "Dear Herr Hitler" in which she sends the Fuhrer some poems for the youth of his country.

Gerald Warner points out that it is surprising that such a racist should be commemorated on British stamps but observes:
To the PC establishment, however, even racist peccadilloes can be ignored to honour a pioneer who helped promote the anti-life culture and relieve women of the intolerable trauma of giving birth to a child with a cleft palate. Eugenic abortion accounts for an increasing proportion of the 7 million "terminations" in Britain since 1967. Poor old Josef Mengele was not eligible for a stamp, being a dead, white male. Perhaps in 2009...

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