NHS and dehydration charge

Interesting but very sad but article in today's Times about a widow who has asked the coroner to investigate the cause of her husband's death. The death certificate says "bronchopneumonia" but Kate Speed says that her husband, Harold, died of dehydration. Another patient, 84 year old Olive Nockles, also died after her drips were removed. The article also reports:
Last month David Maisey, a consultant physician, astonished the inquest into Mrs Nockels’s death when he said that he saw people die of dehydration “all the time — two or three times a week”.
Sorry to say I am not astonished (although I am glad that the inquest was). This sort of thing is a result of the Bland judgement and the Mental Capacity Act accepting the wrongful principle that the administration of food and fluids counts as "treatment" rather than basic nursing care.

Hat tip to SPUC news.

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