Young Catholic Oz bloggers

I have just been looking at some blogs by young Australians. I was prompted to do this by Aaron, The Indolent Server who commented here. From his blog, I found Miss Monification and Dominicanus. These ozzies are all young, sound and full of enthusiasm for the Catholic faith for the Mass, Our Lady, Eucharistic adoration ... It's all very encouraging. It seems that Dominicanus is at Campion College, the new thoroughly Catholic College founded by Fr John Fleming.

I met Fr Fleming through SPUC and have had the pleasure of seeing him regularly since then on his visits to Enland. He will be with us in Spetember. SPUC arranges various information days for priests at which Fr Fleming gives a presentation on a chosen pro-life topic.

In the picture is Fr Paul Mankowski SJ who was visiting Campion. Fr Mankowski is a specialist in ancient semitic languages. He wrote a very helpful article on the whole question of feminist language referring to God. It's called Old Testament Iconology and the Nature of God and it is to be found in Helen Hull Hitchcock's The Politics of Prayer published by Ignatius in 1992 (page 151ff). If you go to somewhere like Campion College, I'm sure the library will buy that book if it hasn't already. He has also written some brilliant, amusing and trenchant articles on various controversial issues within the Church.

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