Those costly "maternity events"

A very good mailing from SPUC came today. It included a sheet responding to the Government's "Regulatory Impact Assessment" on Mr Robertson's "Prohibition of Abortion" bill. They rightly draw attention to the Government's concern that the four principal private abortion providers will suffer a loss of income and go out of business. SPUC's response:
Wonderful, we hope they all go out of business, not just the four major ones! What unbelievably twisted thinking.
Amen to that!

I had a read of this appalling document which is as biased as it could be, a piece of pure pro-abortion propaganda. The faceless bureaucratic tone has a chilling Orwellian ring to it. At one point, the Assessment considers the benefits of "Option 1 - Maintain the existing legislation for abortion"
5.7 The option also saves the NHS the cost of funding 185,000 maternity events, estimated at £576 million a year, based on an average total cost of £3,117 per birth which gives the NHS a net saving of £500 million if the cost of NHS funded abortions (£76m) is deducted.
So if you have had a baby in your family recently, just know that the Government is not too happy with the cost of your "maternity event".

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