Trip to Rednal

Since it is now the middle of the summer, it is a convenient time to take a pleasant Day Off. I travelled up today to Birmingham: not the most pleasant of journeys. From New Street Station, it is a short taxi drive to 141 Hagley Road in Edgbaston, the home of the Birmingham Oratory. My good friend Fr Guy Nicholls was waiting there to take me out to Rednal, the country house founded by Cardinal Newman.

We plan a good wholesome supper over which we can discuss matters liturgical, educational and theological. Fr Guy is immensely knowledgeable on the history of the Liturgy, a Cambridge classicist and an accomplished musician. We have many friends in common going back many years so it is a great delight to spend some time catching up.

The Fathers have bucked the current trend of asset-stripping in the English Catholic Church by deciding to restore Rednal to use. The house is looking much better now after a period of decay, hastened by vandalism. When I get back, I will post some photographs.

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