John Pridmore

Two girls from my parish commented on my post on the Faith Summer Break. They said that they liked my talk and John Pridmore's talk. I'm very proud to be put in such company. John is a reformed gangster who used to work the doors on London Night Clubs and underwent a complete conversion after he nearly killed a man in a fight. He has written about his experiences in From Gangland to Promised Land. He speaks regularly in schools, prisons and many other venues.

I remember visiting St Columba's school once and seeing the department where boys who need some extra help are looked after. Reading can be a problem for some of these boys and it is important to find books that they are really interested in. John's book was in the tray on every desk and one boy told me that he had read it through twice!

John has his own website from which I learn that he has just finished a new book called A Gangster's Guide to God. Get shedloads of copies when it is published and give them out to youngsters in your parish.

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