Missal - what is unusual?

This is the missal that I used when celebrating Mass at Rednal. Here is a question - priests will probably be more likely to spot what is unusual about it so there's a challenge for observant trad liturgy junkies! (click to enlarge the picture.)

I did post this in the comments but to save people the trouble...
St Joseph's name was added to the canon by John XXIII motu proprio on Dec 8 1962. Thus there would be very few missals with this invocation actually printed in. (This missal was printed at Tournai in the 1920s.)

The unusual thing about this missal is that the phrase "... beati Ioseph, eiusdem virginis sponsi et..." has not been scrawled in blue biro or whatever. It is the first missal I have used that has not been altered in this way - and indeed, I have never seen a missal where the addition was made with any attempt at neatness or dignity.

BTW, I did include the invocation when saying the Mass ;-)

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