Helen Hull Hitchcock on the hermeneutic of continuity

Christendom College recently held its 17th annual Summer Institute. Speakers included Cardinal Arinze and Fr Benedict Groschel. The College has published a report of the Institute which is worth reading for some of the comments of these two fine men. I especially liked Fr Benedict's point about scriptural studies:
Theories of a historical Jesus and a Christ of faith are not being taught in schools anymore. It is mentioned only in the pulpit these days, because people are not 'keeping up on things.' If you hear it from the pulpit you should approach the preacher and ask him if he believes in alchemy as well,
However, the quote that must be put on this blog is from the great Helen Hull Hitchcock in her address on "Pope Benedict XVI and the Reform of the Reform" in which she is reported as saying that Pope Benedict is emphatic that the Council did not represent a rupture, but expressed continuity with the Church's history. There is no pre- or post- Conciliar Church, he writes, there is but one, unique Church that walks the path toward the Lord.

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