Faith Summer Session Programme

Gathered for the first talk

The overall theme for this year's Conference was Reasons for Believing - Christ and Creation: a new vision of faith and reason. It will be possible in due course to download mp3 files of the talks from the Faith Website. Here is the list of speakers and topics:

We can be sure that God exists: seeing God in the order of the Cosmos
Fr Michael-John Galbraith

Men and women are unique: the spiritual nature of the human being
Fr Mark Vickers

The Promise of the Messiah: the coming of Christ is planned from the beginning
Fr Stephen Boyle

Jesus Christ Saviour and Redeemer: all creation is through Him and for Him - all suffering is healed through Him and for Him
Fr David Barrett

The Church: Christ remains with His people
Fr Roger Nesbitt

Why I listen to the Church
(Seminar) Rev Kevin Douglas, Sarah Holmes, Ryan Day

Jesus Christ, Lord of the Cosmos: all things are brought to completion in Him
(final summing-up)

The guest speaker this year was Fr Paul Watson, the Director of the Maryvale Institute, who spoke on the Christ-centred interpretation of the Gospel parables.

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