Fr Z blogging from Clapham Park

Fr Zuhlsdorf is in England and has managed to get on that interweb thingy by borrowing some of the electric rays from St Bede's Clapham Park.

Now, as everyone knows, the internet is best described as a series of tubes. At Clapham Park, in advance of Fr Z's visit, Fr Basden has arranged for some upgrade work to be done to install larger tubes so that lots of blogs can get through.

There is also a team of gentlemen inspecting every byte that comes back up through the tubes in case there are any viruses that might cause the big bang to happen all over again via Fr Z's slingbox.

We'll be meeting up on Sunday at the London Oratory for the launch of the journal Usus Antiquior provided that the trusty team have shown their customary attention to detail.

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