Philippine Bishop bloggers

While doing a bit of fact-checking at the website of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), I saw that several of the Bishops have their own blogs. Customarily, the mainstream media would make this a "bearded lady" story, and volunteer some weedy jokes; but it seems only common sense for Bishops to use this means of communication. The Philipino Bishops have been able to put out statements on a great variety of subjects including pro-life matters, liturgy, clerical discipline, and matters of social justice in their country. Some of them state that they are maintained by the Media Office of the CBCP. This makes a lot of sense.

Here is a selection:

Bishop Oscar V Cruz - Viewpoints. See especially the blunt article on "reproductive health" Just Asking.

Archbishop Orlando B. Quevedo writes Perspectives

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo writes In Season and Out of Season - see his cracking sermon on Humanae Vitae, Celebration Of Family and Life

Bishop Jose R. Manguiran has The Meaning ("Life is meaningful only when it begins and ends with Christ")

Bishop Leonardo Medroso writes Tidbits. His article on Liturgy and Religious art is going to have to be the subject of another post...

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