Bloggers' Sunday?

The Ember Days and Rogation Days have been replaced in the new calendar with "Days of Special Prayer" for various worthy intentions. One of these is "Communications" - something of interest to bloggers and blog readers.

There is a major "lead-in" to this. In the autumn, the Holy Father announces the theme; on the feast of St Francis de Sales (24 January), he issues a message; and then the World Communications Day itself is celebrated on the Sunday before Pentecost.

Pope Benedict has just announced the theme for next year's World Communications Day:
New Technologies, New Relationships. Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship.
Is it really too far-fetched to suggest that he is at least partly thinking of blogging? Respect, dialogue and friendship - there are some themes on which we can each examine our conscience.

In the new rite, Bloggers' Sunday is easy enough to observe. You can have a Bidding Prayer:
Let us pray for all bloggers that they may blog with respect, dialogue, and friendship. Lord hear us...
or something along those lines.

But what are we to do with the usus antiquior which is not exactly ignored by Catholic bloggers generally? Perhaps we could use the minor rogations since they are only a few days before "World Communications Day". During the procession with the Litany of the Saints, it would not be overly disruptive to sprinkle people's laptops and mobiles with lustral water. It might even be appropriate to revive the idea of "beating the bounds" by hitting the electronic devices with a stick. There is plenty of room for "mutual enrichment" here.

Characteristically, the old rite model would be more down to earth, the purple vestments reminding us of the contrition and penance required for all those snippy comments.

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