Chasubles and chasublemen

Fr Anthony Symondson recently wrote an article on NLM, questioning the revival of what has been called the "Borromean" style of chasuble. Shawn Tribe invited "serene" consideration and discussion of the issue.

One very helpful (and duly "serene") response comes from Michael Sternbeck of The Saint Bede Studio in Australia, whose vestments the Holy Father wore for his Mass at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. See Styles and Tradition in the chasuble of the Roman Rite. There are further observations at the Rorate Caeli blog.

I don't know much about the history of chasubles (and am grateful to all contributors to the current discussion for sharing their own knowledge). However I do know of one of the saddest incidents in the history of chasubles and chasublemen. At the Venerable English College in Rome, there is a beautiful Pugin High Mass set. During the time when Roman chasubles were de rigeur, the chasuble was cut into a Roman shape under orders of the then Rector, Mgr Arthur Hinsley. To be fair to the man (God rest him!), I should say that he was remembered as a particularly kind and popular Rector.

To rub salt into the wounds, I remember once when it was my turn as a priest to celebrate the Liturgy for Candlemas. I suggested using the Pugin set since it had a matching cope that could be used for the procession. It was forbidden because the chasuble was not gothic!

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