Try not to annoy Cardinal Castrillon

First the good news. About a year ago, it was announced that there would be a document from the Ecclesia Dei commission clarifying Summorum Pontificum. CNS reports:
Asked about the status of those detailed instructions, Cardinal Castrillon told Catholic News Service that his office had completed its work and passed the draft on to the pope, who would make the final decision about its publication.
The bad news is that Cardinal Castrillon has clearly been annoyed by some people pestering him with further demands. Cf. CNS Cardinal: Some not satisfied even after pope's Tridentine Mass decree (H/T Rorate Caeli)

I agree with the comment by New Catholic that there are also some bishops who could be criticised for their opposition to the expressed will of the Holy Father, but I think that we should listen carefully to Cardinal Castrillon. There is a battle going on in the Church over this issue, including, I should imagine, a lot of subtle but intense machinations at the Vatican. We do need to be supportive of those who, like the good Cardinal, have bent over backwards to give us encouragement.

Cardinal Castrillon's various addresses on the occasion of his visit to London (see the Latin Mass Society website for the texts) were generous and very helpful for those attached to the usus antiquior. His Eminence stuck his neck out for us and although we may not always feel that things are moving fast enough, it is important to appreciate the difficulties of his situation.

Fr Z's rules of engagement are a good summary. Eg.
Speak less of our rights and what we deserve, or what it ought to have been, as if we were our own little popes, and more about our gratitude, gratitude, gratitude for what God gives us.

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