More reports on the Boot Camp

The Catechetical Boot Camp has now finished and the various bloggers have been writing it up and posting photos. Brother Hugo has posted some very kind words - it is good to know that I am not too burdensoime a house guest. He was certainly an excellent host. Bootcamp: de avond van de eerste dag. In an earlier post, he had a photo of the altar of the tent chapel during exposition:

Notio Bonum, Visa Olum is Back, tired, has contracted a Gregorian chant bug, and is considering starting a new religious order.

Summa Catholica ad mentem Sancti Thomae Aquinatis, in the post in the post Boot Camp Warfhuizen has this nice photo of the altar set up for Mass:

and the Puella Paschalis has photos of my getting on a bike and riding it in my cassock - not so easy to get started but I managed:

and the bike was way too big for me. Took me back to the days of getting on my older brother's bike. Anyway, here's proof for Jackie Parkes that I can cycle when provoked!

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