'avin a larf

Part of the process of recovering from the fatal hard disk failure a few weeks ago has been re-installing Microsoft Money. This has updated since the version I have on CD and so it will not read the files I have (with quite a lot of data on it). After a bit of searching and lots of simple but misleading error messages, I found the solution on the internet. But it was too late - various things had already got in the way of a smooth update so this evening it was a "reinstall and start again" session. Got everything up and running, opened "as adminstrator", let the update happen, and then this dialog box comes up:

As they say in these parts "Your 'avin a larf intcha?" After a full two minutes or so, the "OK" button appeared and I managed to complete the process and open the two rather crucial files that I need to work on. (I'm pretty sure that not clicking "OK" was what banjaxed the last attempt.)

So the next thing is - now that Microsoft Money seems to be no longer updated in the UK but has a new (differently numbered) version in the US and generally looks to be rather too hairy a prospect for data that is quite important - whither do I move the data?

I know the following answers - change to Apple (tempting) - change to Linux (more tempting still) - use pencil and paper (I remember the days and it wasn't actually better).

So anyone got good ideas for simple financial management software? One solution would be simply to do it all up on Excel and that is a possibility; but I once used a great shareware program called "Money Manager" and curse the day I switched from it. Searching on the web, I find that it is still around as a freeware open source program. I'd be interested in ideas. Not for this year's (massively overdue) financial return but possibly for next year...

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