Bashing Secularism

There are some very good recent posts on Richard Marsden's Bashing Secularism blog. He has highlighted Ruth Kelly's appointment of Baroness Gould as the interim Chair of the Women's National Commission. Gould is Chair of the Family Planning Association, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Pro-Choice Group and an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care.

Richard also has a good piece about the stupid British media reporting of the General Audience at which Madeleine McCann's parents met the Holy Father. Apparently the BBC News 24 reporters kept referring to the occasion as "Mass". Supposedly an internationally renowned broadcaster with a reputation for accuracy and impartiality, when it comes to the Catholic Church goes, any old ignorant rubbish will pass muster for the BBC.

He also posts the very welcome news that Fr William Massie has introduced a weekly Latin Mass in Hull. (Novus Ordo). As Richard points out, this might not seem much to us here in London but the use of Latin is rare in parts of the North of England. Fr Massie will probably have to bear quite a bit of hostility and sneering for this initiative. He will confuse his detractors whe he points out that it is young people who have asked for this. There is still an age band of clergy who just don't get it.

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