More photos of St Theresa's

Fr Stephen Reynolds of St Theresa's has sent some more photos of his Church to myself and Carolina Cannonball (The Crescat) where I found the photos I posted the other day. They were actually only the Daily Mass Chapel.

Here is the main body of the Church, before:

and after:

Here is a closer view of the High Altar:

Fr Reynold's commented,
In the reordering of the church, a restored 53-rank Aeolian Skinner pipe organ was integrated into the design. The baldacchino was an absolute necessity, since our church does not have a choir loft, and the organ had to be placed on either side of the sanctuary. The baldacchino directs one's eye and attention to the altar, rather than allowing the organ installation to visually dominate the church.
Beneath the High Altar are relics of St Therese of Lisieux:

The architect, Duncan Stroik, has also designed their new school building, construction of which will commence in September.

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