Parish Dinner and Dance

Social events are part of the life blood of any parish. Tonight we had a Dinner and Dance arranged by the team of ladies who run our lunch club in the parish. I am very glad that it was a great success and rewarded all the hard work they contributed to it. Here is the arrangement before the guests arrived:

For more pictures, see the Dinner and Dance post on the parish news blog.

I thought it would be right for me as Parish Priest to give a short off-the-cuff speech of thanks. From memory, this is roughly what I said:
I would like to thank Tricia and her team for this wonderful dinner tonight. They have arranged it to raise money for the Catholic Church. This is not a very fashionable cause. As you know, we in the Catholic Church use our money to hire Opus Dei Albino Monk assassins to kill anyone who tries to prevent us from covering up the fact that Jesus was married to Cleopatra, resulting in a bloodline that leads to Lili Marlene and Michael Jackson.

However, tonight's event will contribute to funding the refurbishment of the kitchen in our parish hall where Tricia and her team serve a reasonably priced three-course lunch every Thursday to 40 local people. Each of the team has contributed in their own way, with their own skills and attributes to plan, cook and serve the magnificent meal you have enjoyed. Many thanks to all of them for their hard work.
(As with all such speeches, it sounds better after dinner.)

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