Novus Ordo conspiracy theory

Mark Shea had this comment from a reader:
Mark - what these folks in Kalmazoo are doing seems good and noble. But if you are going to celebrate the novus ordo reverantly, with cassocks and incense and Latin "everywhere", then why not go the whole hog and celebrate the traditional rite? This rite is far less open to abuse than the novus ordo.

This may sound cynical (and perhaps even conspiratorial!) but I think that many modernists in the church encourage such reverently celebrated novus ordo Masses to divert people from the TLM, knowing that such reverently-celebrated Masses will always be a minority among those in the novus ordo [...]
As Gen. Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett would say, "That's just exactly what they think we're going to do..."

Incidentally, how cool is that for the name of a diocese? "I am the bishop of Kalamazoo, how doo you doo?"

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