Oath of fidelity for teachers in Sydney

LifeSite News reports that Cardinal Pell has been concerned at the lack of formation of young Catholics in Australia and the pressures of contemporary propaganda. He said:
"They are also poorly equipped for any return to the fold when they have little instinct for or understanding that there are truths of faith and morals, which are to be sought after and judged according to rational criteria."
As part of its response, the Archdiocese of Sydney has drafted a Pastoral Plan for 2008-2011. Cynical clergy might normally expect a "Pastoral Plan" to herald a series of discussions sessions culminating in a "New Way Forward for the Sharing Church" which involves closing various smaller parishes. The Sydney draft plan seems to be of a different character. One of its provisions of this plan will be to require the Headteachers and Religious Education co-ordinators in Catholic schools to take the oath of fidelity to the teaching of the magisterium. I presume that this is the Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity approved by Pope John Paul in 1998. EWTN document library has the text of the oath.

You can download the text of the draft pastoral plan. (pdf)

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