A priestly day

First thing today I have to get the newsletter finished by putting in the sermon summary that I do each week. Then I have Mass - our Saturday Latin Mass at the Lady Altar which is popular and a great consolation to me. After that, we have an hour of exposition during which I hear confessions.

Today, unusually, we have two weddings in the parish. When they are over it will be time for the evening Confessions and then the evening Mass. Fortunately, I have my regular supply priest for that Mass but I always go on to read the notices. Since I am not saying the Mass, I can also be there to see people as they come out of the Church. Once that is finished, I am off to the a Parish Dinner and Dance, a new initiative from our Lunch Club. For this we are using the Hall of my next-door neighbour, Fr Francis Hartley at St John Fisher, Bexley.

Although it is a busy day, I no longer find such days too tiring. They can be quite rejuvenating if you remember that each of the particular events has its own character and offers an opportunity to exercise the ministry of the priesthood in a different way. They remind me that:

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